Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SuMMeR TiMe!

Time for hunting vintage treasures!
This Spring and early Summer have already been good
to us and we've found lots of unusual & fabulous items!

Wouldn't these antique Shakespeare bookends look great
on your desk or shelf?

Early 1900's Jennings Brothers Jewelry Casket also
comes with a very unusual pin!

Another awesome pair of antique bookends!  Greek Parthenon set!
Very heavy poured metal!

Vintage Brass Sphinx Inkwell!!  Gorgeous & Unusual find!!

Victorian Cast Iron Match Safe.

Such a cool item!!  1950 Ohio State Fair Ashtray.

Vintage Romulus & Reums ROMA Ashtray.

Gorgeous Set!  Mother & baby Grouse/Quail in solid brass.

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