Thursday, March 23, 2017


It seems like it was just snowing yesterday and now it's Spring!
My favorite thing about this time of the year is knowing
that Estate Sales & Flea Markets will be starting
up again and I can start foraging for new items for
Moondog Cottage!

These cold winter months haven't been a total loss!
There have been a few estate sales here and there and I've picked
up some treasures.  For instance, this gorgeous Antique Crucifix.
This is an unusual one!

Get your "Mad Men" on with this beautiful Martini Set!
Pitcher, stirrer and five matching glasses.
Great Vintage Find!!

Love this large Rhinestone Belt Buckle!
Imagine this with a pair of jeans, a white shirt and some black
kitten heels!!

Two elegant evening bags for a Night on the Town!

This gorgeous Antique Oriental Jewelry Box
has a twirling ballerina & gentleman in top hat
and still plays music perfectly!

ViNTaGe AMBeRiNa CaRNiVaL GLaSS SWaN CaNDY or TRiNKeT - 1950's

The Sesquicentennial of the Constitution of the United States of America and Inauguration of George Washington - Published in 1937! Masonic


Want to see more?

Visit me at

or come and visit us in the big black barn at
The Secret Garden in Waynsville, Ohio!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

HoW To TeLL TiMe...

This awesome item is now available at the SECRET GARDEN
in Waynesville, Ohio!

In the morning, you have two coffee cups for your morning brew,
and then for after work hours you have two wine glasses
for your wind down time.

These are handmade by Jan Burton who also fills
the Black Barn and Cottage at the Secret Garden with wonderful vintage items.

If you haven't been to the Secret Garden 
you're really missing out on a fantastic shopping experience!

During the Winter months, the Secret Garden is open
Thursday through Sunday.

4107 E. State Route 73
Waynesville, Ohio  45068

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Well, Time has flown again!  I can't believe Christmas has come and
gone and it's 2017.  Let's hope the world calms down some and
everyone decides to give peace a try for a change.  Hey, I can
dream can't I?

As usual, when New Year's has passed my mind turns towards
cleaning things out and looking to new adventures.  This year I
decided to root through my vast Christmas and Halloween collection
and get rid of some stuff.  One of the things I've loved for years are
my Nicol Sayre items.  But I've decided to offer them for sale
as a person gets to the point where you only have so much room you know?

Nicol's items are so unique, whimsical and fantastic, that they
remain collectible for years and years.  One of the first ones I 
listed on Ebay a few days ago has already sold for a price much
higher than I listed it for, so I was pleasantly pleased that I had
decided to part with it!

In case you or someone you know is a Nicol Sayre collector
or just loves unique Halloween & Christmas decorations
here are some items you may be interested in!
(Click on any item to purchase)

Nicol Sayre "Peace" Angel -  2006

Nicol Sayre "Gifts for Good Children" Santa

Nicol Sayre "A Winter Wish" Santa Shadow Box

Nicole Sayre - "A Christmas Wish" Santa

One of my very favorites!
Nicol Sayre "Winter Friends" -  2004

And now to Halloween!!
Love this Fabulous Witch by Nicol!
"The Witching Hour" - 2005

Nicol Sayre's "A Hallows Eve Ride" - 2008

Nicol Sayre - Little Witch Girl on Pumpkin Box - 2007

Nicol Sayre - "Treats" Costumed Figure - 2008

Nicol Sayre - "Tricks" Costumed Figure - 2008

Wishing you all a Fabulous New Year with
lots of good things to come to us all in 2017!

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Pack in as much Christmas as you can this year!

Can't believe another year has almost passed!  The old saying
that the older you get the faster it goes is certainly true.
However, I'm always excited for Christmas!

I will always think it's magical when snow flies.
I will always think it's wonderful to curl up with a book
in front of a fire place.
I will always enjoy buying gifts for others.
I will eat whatever I want in December, because I know
in January I will get back on track.

Thanks to all of my wonderful customers who have
supported me in 2016!  Your business means a lot
to me and I love it when you let me know you love
what you purchased.

Here are some new estate sale finds just in time for

Awesome metal gold deer head is both pretty and functional!
It has a hook on the bottom to hang items on.
Click on photos to order!

This cast iron reindeer wall hook is just gorgeous!
It has a rustic look that reminds you of being in a log
cabin on a snowy day.

Vintage miniature gold angels made in Hong Kong.
Great to put on a Christmas tree or presents!

Adorable hand carved wooden Russian Bear rides
a tricycle!

Antique 1934 Religious Framed Print.
Beautiful piece in great vintage condition!

Vintage Lace Edge Milk Glass Fruit Bowl.
Excellent condition!

Moondog Cottage Wishes You & Yours
the Best Christmas ever!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Does your heart ache sometimes for all of those
homeless dogs & cats at your local animal shelter but you
just aren't home enough to take care of an animal,
or you live somewhere that doesn't allow pets?
There are many reasons we might not be able to adopt a
dog or cat in a shelter, but it still breaks our hearts they are
in that position and need a loving home.

I read an article online about a lovely and generous
woman who is paying all adoption fees for her local animal
shelter until 2017 so homeless animals there can have
a Christmas where they find a Forever Home!

I can't afford to be that generous, but my husband and I
agreed we could donate the money for someone to adopt
one of the dogs at our local shelter this Christmas!

Can you or someone you know donate enough money so someone
can give a dog a Forever Home this Christmas?

It will do your heart good.
It will bring so much love to an
abandoned animal.

Our local Animal Shelter is

This is a no kill shelter.
My husband and I have visited and it is an awesome
place where they really care about the small lives they are
taking care of until they find a new, loving place to live.

Christmas is the time for giving.
I hope you or someone you know will either adopt
a dog or cat or donate the money for someone else to.

What a wonderful gift that goes both ways.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

FaLL Is HeRe!

For those who visit the Secret Garden in Waynesville, we now 
have something new!
Curl up in front of the fireplace this winter with a good book
at a very affordable price with Barn Dog Books!
Just visit The Barn and you'll find loads of great books
at unbelievably low prices!

Have a special picture that needs a one of a kind frame?
Check out this 1800's Antique Victorian Wood
Picture Frame on Moondog Cottage!
Click on this and any photo to order.

Like one of a kind handmade art pieces?
You'll love this eclectic altered art wooden
piece with vintage jewelry, antique hardware,
 clock faces and decoupage!

This is a truly unique piece!  Tiny glass bottles
make up a one of kind vase that you can put 
small flower buds in!

Oh deer, this Moose Head Wall Hook is
just devine!

Retro Christmas items are very collectible!
This awesome 1960's lighted Angel
is in great condition and will brighten
your holidays!

This beautiful gold sleight with four reindeer
is a wonderful vintage Christmas piece!

These vintage holly leaf candle holders were
purchased at an estate sale and are just lovely!

1930's "God Bless Our Home"
Mirrored Plaque in Excellent Condition!

Our Wicked Fabulous site on Etsy features
beautiful vintage jewelry like this antique
rhinestone pin!

This gold & rhinestone pin and earring set
will add a touch of elegance to your holiday
outfits this Christmas & New Years!

fabulous vintage items!

elegant vintage jewelry!