Sunday, July 14, 2013


Another Fabulous New Potting Bench by Janniev
will be at the Secret Garden July 15th!
These one of a kind benches are all
handmade and no two are alike.

 This bench features a brand new item by
Janniev - A Fairy Bird House!

This Fairy Bird House is attached to the top of
this Potting Bench.  (These fairy bird houses
are going to be available at the Secret Garden 
soon - exclusively!  Made of rustic wood,
they will be attached to the top of a vintage 
table leg and will be for your flower garden.)
Fairy birds are quite small you see, so these
houses have very tiny holes.  

It's quite rare to see a Fairy Bird.
Almost as rare as seeing an actual fairy!

This potting bench also features a large
metal sun with a glass center.
On the front is a gorgeous piece of decorative
vintage wood!  Janniev's potting benches
are unlike any you will find elsewhere
with unique and vintage items.
 This one has a stained wood top with
an antique enamel sink.  There are
also shelves for your pots
To the right are hooks for your 
gardening tools! 
There will only be one of these available
as each bench is handmade and they
don't last long.  This one will be delivered
Monday, July 15th!

 Looking for something Bright
and Fun?
How about this lime green
one of a kind bench?
Handmade & handpainted.
Made from vintage pieces
found at estate sales.
This bench would look fabulous
indoors or out!  Another original
design by Janniev!
This piece will be at the Garden
just in time for the Christmas
in July Sale!

Here is a fabulous new vintage find that
will also be at the Secret Garden this week!
An antique secretary desk!
This is a wonderful find, with glass knobs
and beautiful detailing!
Lots of neat shelves & drawers inside
to put letters, stamps, etc.  Front pulls
forward for a writing area.

Looking for a large antique mirror?
This is definitely the most beautiful
one we have run across!  Look at that
thick frame and exquisite detailing!
Another one of a kind piece from an
estate sale!  French Boudoir Mirror
Only $55!!  At the Secret Garden This Week!

You know those wonderful rustic
primitive farmhouse tables with the
enamel tops that everyone wants?
 We've got one!  Just the right size for any
room.  This one is white wood with a
drawer in the front and has a white enamel
top with black trim with white specks.  Great 
find at a great price!  Get to the Garden soon... 
this won't last long.

in the Cottage & Barn!
July 20th - Christmas in July Sale!!
Don't miss out!

Don't forget you'll always find unique
and wonderful vintage things at our
online stores all year round!  Visit:

Monday, July 1, 2013

JaNNieV - ARTiST & GaRDneR EXTroiDiNaiRE


New at the Secret Garden this week!  Another wonderful
one of a kind Pottery Bench by Janniev!

All of her Potting Benches are gorgeous and unique
with one of a kind Vintage items!  This one has a fabulous
antique piece at the top with a gold angelic face.

On the front is a flourish picked up at an estate sale.

For an eclectic piece, she's added this antique spade
on the front. 

Two copper sparrows at each end on the top shelf,
match the copper metal backboard that has a leaf design.

Loads of charm!

Not only fabulous looking, but functional too!  Two hooks on the
side to hang gardening tools and an antique enamel sink bowl
to work with dirt when planting your flowers!   This bench is
made to last and has been sealed for years of outdoor use!

 Janniev has fabulous garden spots all over her backyard
with vintage finds in every corner, like this wonderful
red dog and charming birdbath with a wire birdcage!


Janniev made this lavender bench and unique angel
herself.  She loves mixing new and vintage together
for fabulous one of a kind artwork!


Watch for Janniev's potting benches and birdhouses
all summer at the Secret Garden!