Sunday, January 15, 2017


Well, Time has flown again!  I can't believe Christmas has come and
gone and it's 2017.  Let's hope the world calms down some and
everyone decides to give peace a try for a change.  Hey, I can
dream can't I?

As usual, when New Year's has passed my mind turns towards
cleaning things out and looking to new adventures.  This year I
decided to root through my vast Christmas and Halloween collection
and get rid of some stuff.  One of the things I've loved for years are
my Nicol Sayre items.  But I've decided to offer them for sale
as a person gets to the point where you only have so much room you know?

Nicol's items are so unique, whimsical and fantastic, that they
remain collectible for years and years.  One of the first ones I 
listed on Ebay a few days ago has already sold for a price much
higher than I listed it for, so I was pleasantly pleased that I had
decided to part with it!

In case you or someone you know is a Nicol Sayre collector
or just loves unique Halloween & Christmas decorations
here are some items you may be interested in!
(Click on any item to purchase)

Nicol Sayre "Peace" Angel -  2006

Nicol Sayre "Gifts for Good Children" Santa

Nicol Sayre "A Winter Wish" Santa Shadow Box

Nicole Sayre - "A Christmas Wish" Santa

One of my very favorites!
Nicol Sayre "Winter Friends" -  2004

And now to Halloween!!
Love this Fabulous Witch by Nicol!
"The Witching Hour" - 2005

Nicol Sayre's "A Hallows Eve Ride" - 2008

Nicol Sayre - Little Witch Girl on Pumpkin Box - 2007

Nicol Sayre - "Treats" Costumed Figure - 2008

Nicol Sayre - "Tricks" Costumed Figure - 2008

Wishing you all a Fabulous New Year with
lots of good things to come to us all in 2017!