Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Summer is here!  Time to think of vacation, planting flowers,
and relaxing in the sun. For me, it's also the time that estate sales
pick up which is exciting!  I've already started loading up on
fabulous vintage finds and they're ripe for the picking
so check them out before they're gone!

Click on any photo to purchase or get more details!

This is one gorgeous and rare piece!  An early 1900's Antique
mirror in very good condition!  Beautiful dancing women in togas across
the top and faux tortoise painting on the frame!

Large Antique Primitive Wooden Bowl from early 1900's!
Purchased at an estate sale.  Great for home decor year round
and will look awesome with seasonal things in it for the holidays!

Small antique primitive handmade basket - well over 75 years old!
This has actually been in my family and was owned by my grandmother.

I absolutely LOVE this large cheese keeper!  It was made
in the 1970's in England.  I like the retro look.  It's extra large
and heavy - very well made.  Looks great in the kitchen.

My husband and I found this beautiful French Art Nouveau lady's
face in a little Antique shop in Indiana.  The owner said he had
just put it in the case!  Lucky find!  It would look great added
to a piece of furniture.

I fell in love with this gorgeous vintage Repousse Jewelry Box with 
beveled glass!  This too was a great find while in Indiana at a
Flea Market!  I found one exactly like it online for $99, but you
can find it here for much less!

Like unusual storage pieces?  This cool drawer from
the early 1900's has NINETY compartments!!  The previous
owner put a hook on the back and hung it on the wall for vintage
decor.  Lots of uses for this gem!

This was a purchase at the Indiana Flea Market also.  Fabulous
Art Nouveau vanity tray!  Early 1900's piece.  So elegant.
I've never seen one like it before.

I absolutely love this gorgeous vintage chicken picture!
I went to an estate sale and happened to see it in a garage behind
a stack of boxes.  It wasn't originally for sale, but when I asked 
about it the owner said sure, why not?  It currently hangs in my
kitchen, but it could be hanging in yours...   I love the weathered
red frame and the bright colorful chicken print.  Great for a kitchen item.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

MaY & SPRiNG Is In THe AiR!

It's been a cold May, but finally warming up and everything
is lush and green!

We've been out and about hitting those wonderful estate sales!
Glad to see they're starting to sprout up like spring flowers.
The year is starting well with some wonderful vintage finds.

Click on any photo below to purchase!




GoRGeouS 1926 SaLT & PePPeR SHaKeR SeT!

Unusual Antique Metal Standing Crucifix With ARMA CHRISTI - 

Skull & Crossbones

ANTiQuE 1888 "KEY OF HEAVEN" MaNuaL of PRaYeRS -

Made in Switzerland


FaBuLouS 1944 ViNTaGe MeTaL CaLeNDaR!


ViNTaGe PoKeR CaDDY with CHiPS

GoRGeouS PeTiTe 12" TaLL CHiNa DoLL in ReD DReSS

Remember, you can shop at Moondog Cottage
in your pajamas!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


It seems like it was just snowing yesterday and now it's Spring!
My favorite thing about this time of the year is knowing
that Estate Sales & Flea Markets will be starting
up again and I can start foraging for new items for
Moondog Cottage!

These cold winter months haven't been a total loss!
There have been a few estate sales here and there and I've picked
up some treasures.  For instance, this gorgeous Antique Crucifix.
This is an unusual one!

Get your "Mad Men" on with this beautiful Martini Set!
Pitcher, stirrer and five matching glasses.
Great Vintage Find!!

Love this large Rhinestone Belt Buckle!
Imagine this with a pair of jeans, a white shirt and some black
kitten heels!!

Two elegant evening bags for a Night on the Town!

This gorgeous Antique Oriental Jewelry Box
has a twirling ballerina & gentleman in top hat
and still plays music perfectly!

ViNTaGe AMBeRiNa CaRNiVaL GLaSS SWaN CaNDY or TRiNKeT - 1950's

The Sesquicentennial of the Constitution of the United States of America and Inauguration of George Washington - Published in 1937! Masonic


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or come and visit us in the big black barn at
The Secret Garden in Waynsville, Ohio!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

HoW To TeLL TiMe...

This awesome item is now available at the SECRET GARDEN
in Waynesville, Ohio!

In the morning, you have two coffee cups for your morning brew,
and then for after work hours you have two wine glasses
for your wind down time.

These are handmade by Jan Burton who also fills
the Black Barn and Cottage at the Secret Garden with wonderful vintage items.

If you haven't been to the Secret Garden 
you're really missing out on a fantastic shopping experience!

During the Winter months, the Secret Garden is open
Thursday through Sunday.

4107 E. State Route 73
Waynesville, Ohio  45068

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Well, Time has flown again!  I can't believe Christmas has come and
gone and it's 2017.  Let's hope the world calms down some and
everyone decides to give peace a try for a change.  Hey, I can
dream can't I?

As usual, when New Year's has passed my mind turns towards
cleaning things out and looking to new adventures.  This year I
decided to root through my vast Christmas and Halloween collection
and get rid of some stuff.  One of the things I've loved for years are
my Nicol Sayre items.  But I've decided to offer them for sale
as a person gets to the point where you only have so much room you know?

Nicol's items are so unique, whimsical and fantastic, that they
remain collectible for years and years.  One of the first ones I 
listed on Ebay a few days ago has already sold for a price much
higher than I listed it for, so I was pleasantly pleased that I had
decided to part with it!

In case you or someone you know is a Nicol Sayre collector
or just loves unique Halloween & Christmas decorations
here are some items you may be interested in!
(Click on any item to purchase)

Nicol Sayre "Peace" Angel -  2006

Nicol Sayre "Gifts for Good Children" Santa

Nicol Sayre "A Winter Wish" Santa Shadow Box

Nicole Sayre - "A Christmas Wish" Santa

One of my very favorites!
Nicol Sayre "Winter Friends" -  2004

And now to Halloween!!
Love this Fabulous Witch by Nicol!
"The Witching Hour" - 2005

Nicol Sayre's "A Hallows Eve Ride" - 2008

Nicol Sayre - Little Witch Girl on Pumpkin Box - 2007

Nicol Sayre - "Treats" Costumed Figure - 2008

Nicol Sayre - "Tricks" Costumed Figure - 2008

Wishing you all a Fabulous New Year with
lots of good things to come to us all in 2017!