Tuesday, December 15, 2015


As usual Christmas has snuck up on us again!
It's always here before we know it,
but oh what a nice surprise!

I've been busy with a new venture!
PNG Files!
What are PNG files you might ask...?
They are those wonderful forms of clip
art that have transparent backgrounds and let
you design your own wonderful creations to
your heart's content!

When you normally have a piece of clip art, it has that
ugly square white box around it.  But with a PNG File
there is only your graphic.  It has a transparent background.

Here is a sample:

Here is a PNG File of a Deer
Since there is no background...

 You can put it any background and all you will
see is the deer.  Great for adding designs to pillows,
furniture, notebooks & more!

Here I have placed the deer over a piece
of sheet music.

With this design, I found an old circus poster for the
background.  I deleted the head of a man and replaced it
with an animal's head and added a top hat and daisy.
Beside him I added a skeleton.  Each piece was a
PNG file so it was easy to create.  And fun!

You can find more PNG files 
on my website

And they're only $1 each!
What a deal!

Feel free to use them over and over in your
personal artwork or in commercial 

And don't forget to visit
if you love vintage items!

Merry Christmas!!