Sunday, August 5, 2012

Country in the Barn!

LOTS of new items in the barn this week!  And we're going Country!
 This vintage window that has been painted black and
adorned with a large metal star and white berries makes
a beautiful wall accent piece!
Wall shelf with five large drawers would look
great anywhere AND add storage!
Beautiful Welcome Friends Stool in black.
Could also be used as a small table!
Love this wooden plate with a sheep on the front
and a crow sitting on his back!  Neat electric candle tray
with metal stars and white berry vine.
Gorgeous five finger white vase with a lovely
dried flower arrangement.  Colors are just perfect
for the upcoming fall months!
Neat Kokopelli Lamps!  Only one set.
Metal Kokopelli flute playing figure on each.
Kokopelli is a sacred figure to many Southwestern
Native Americans.  Known as a prankster, healer
and story teller, he embodies the true American Southwest.
Beautiful ceramic sun purchased at an estate sale!
We also have several brightly colored fish that look
great in a sun room.
We have two large lions that are absolutely gorgeous!
Heavy concrete pieces are a steal at $75 each!  If you've 
ever priced these, you know you would normally pay well over
$200 each for lions this size!  Only two available!
We have three vintage metal chairs from the 1950's
right now.   Two white and one green.  These are
highly collectible and look great in a garden!
This large dragonfly would look great in a sunroom,
patio or kitchen!  Large piece!
Lots of baskets and unusual pieces
with greenery throughout the barn!
 This unusual butter dish has a duck on the
lid.  Purchased at an estate sale - quite unusual.
We have a red rattan chair and settee right now!
Also a great "Birdhouse Table" in white.
Moondog Cottage has had a makeover!
Bright colors outside, great treasures inside!
Summer will be gone before you know it!
Make sure you visit the Secret Garden.
You never know what treasures you might
be missing out on!