Monday, May 14, 2012



 Fabulous vintage trunk lid with a picture inside of a 
woman that looks like a gypsy.
Huge antique mirror in gold purchased at an estate sale.
This is a fabulous, one of a kind mirror.  As you can see it will
look great above a dresser or table.
Neat record cabinet with a diamond pattern along the top.
Drop down door at the top and two doors at the bottom.
Very cool antique piece.
Vintage red tricycle!
Antique Marriage License from 1800's!
They were works of art back then!
Into Western things?  We've got a lot of 
neat western decorative items right now!
Large mirror with horseshoes on each corner.
Unusual African & Southwest items.
Beautiful vintage handmade quilts are Bargain Prices!
Pink glass heart shaped flower frog!
Pink vases, watering cans and more!
Paper mache bunny box
Bird Cage and Wine Holder
This is gorgeous!  Large blue and white porcelain
vase with frogs around the side.
These froggies will hold either a rain gauge or vase.
Comes with both!
How about a frog sun dial?
 Fabulous Green Bench & lots of Garden Items!
Fabulous oriental figurine.
Neat King Arthur large fruit crate.
Metal Dingo Dog
 Neat basket full of grapevine balls
Rattan & Glass Table
Vintage wooden table with
decorative legs
Lots of vintage jugs, bowls, silverware and cake stands!
Looking for something particular or
have a comment?  We're all ears...