Monday, March 19, 2012


The barn is already starting to fill up!  We've only just begun and there's already loads of treasures to root through!   Furniture, clocks, stoneware, pictures, planters, cake stands, and much, much more!!  Here are just a few of the things you'll find at the Secret Garden in the Moondog Cottage Barn...

We just happened to get lucky at a recent estate sale and asked to look in the basement!  These gorgeous vintage wardrobe closets were available and we snatched them up!  These are just fabulous!  They are very tall, probably about 7" and have shelves inside.  They are on wheels.  I've seen cabinets like this go for $400 or more in antique stores, but since we got a good deal we're passing the savings on to you!
Only $125 each!  Now that's a bargain!  These won't last long!
The doors are open and the shop is starting to fill up!

Aren't these fabulous Shabby Chic pieces?
They would look good inside or out!

This is a beautiful desk set for a young lady!  White and gold
and very feminine.
I LOVE this clock!  So unusual!  Works great!
How about this retro looking patio set for your porch or patio?
Sunny yellow with white polka dots!  Nice metal set.

 These gorgeous garden angels are handmade by Jan Burton
of Tole Mountain!  A limited amount will be available at the Secret Garden
this Spring so hurry in to get yours.  Unusual pieces have vintage jewelry
and other unique items from estate sales!  Each one is different!
Lots of pots and items for summer!

 Vintage Suitcases and Silver pieces always make
great Shabby Chic decorating easy!
We've got lots of vintage suitcases available!!
Vintage cameras are always great display items!  Something fun
and unusual from the past!
These are really neat!  Mexican pottery pieces.  The two smaller ones
are actually flutes!  I've never seen anything quite like them, very unusual.
Talk about Vintage!   These Harper's Weekly magazines are actually from the
1800's!  The artwork and graphics in these are gorgeous!  So detailed!  
These have been kept in plastic sleeves and were purchased at an auction.
Very good condition for their age!
Very unusual vintage set from Haiti!  A tray and two large urns.  
Really pretty!!
This metal trunk came from an estate sale.  Nice cloth lining.  These are so nice
for display and you can also store things in them!  This one is really beautiful.
Need someone to watch over you?  
This little angel would love to!
I'll bet you know a little girl who would love to have her
own vanity set...
Lots of neat tables in all shapes and sizes!!
You have to see these large brass deers up close - GORGEOUS!!
Beautiful wooden chest purchased at an estate sale!

Vintage forks and spoons make neat garden tags!
Paint the name of your herbs on spoons or use a fork to stick a
small sign in.  They also just look great with a ribbon tied around them 
for shabby chic decor!

We can't wait to see you, so hurry on over!!

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