Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almost Spring!

I can't believe it's almost Spring already!  Seems like we didn't even have winter this year, which is a good thing although I do love the beauty of a fresh snowfall.  Moondog Cottage is gearing up to have new items in the Cottage & Barn this year at The Secret Garden in Waynesville, Ohio!  This year we're going to have lots of fabulous vintage jewelry in the Cottage!  We also sell year round at, but thought we would also offer it locally this summer.  You'll notice the barn looks a little different this year!  New roof, new flooring, more items than last year!

Vintage Weiss Earrings - Loaded with Beautiful Rhinestones! - Only $18

Gorgeous Vintage Silver Coin Bracelet from an Estate Sale - Only $35!!

Vintage Gold Floral Pin - Only $12

We also plan on filling the barn up with fabulous vintage finds from flea markets, auctions and estate sales all summer long.  You might want to stop by often so you don't miss out on a great find.  We add new items weekly!  Last year a gentleman found two statues for $35 that ended up being worth $1,500!!  So, you never know what you might find! 

We're looking forward to a great year in 2012
and hope to see you often!

Sheri Harney
Moondog Cottage